The Most Important Item Missing From Your to-do List

One of the best ways to organize your week and stay focused is to create a to-do list.  It allows you to concentrate on your most important tasks and gives you a chance to achieve those amazing goals you have.  There’s a good blog from lifehacker listing their Top 5 tools.  The problem is, there’s usually one thing missing from all to-do lists we create.

You need to remember to celebrate your achievements! We spend most of our lives chasing goals, but very rarely do we remember to celebrate once we’ve had a win.  We simply move onto the next goal.

By acknowledging our achievements we gain confidence to continue moving towards our larger goals as well as the courage to face down any setbacks we may encounter in the future.  There are many ways to make this part of your daily or weekly routine and doing so can give you the boost you need to reach even higher.

Journal –  If you keep a daily journal, make sure you reflect on the things you’ve accomplished that day.  You’d be surprised how good you feel in the evening when you realize you’ve actually accomplished something that day.

Reward yourself – Think about what you enjoy doing and then use your “reward” as a way to do those things.  Maybe its a walk through the park, cooking an exotic meal or another mini-adventure.  It doesn’t have to be big, as long as you enjoy it and acknowledge why you’re treating yourself.

Share with others – We don’t like to feel as though we’re bragging, but when you feel that you’ve accomplished something good why not share it with those you care about.  If they care about you, they’ll enjoy seeing you happy and it will give them a boost as well.

Make it part of your weekly routine – If you’re like me, I tend to make a weekly plan where I try to list the 3-5 most important things I want to move forward in the next week.  Before you start on next week, be sure to review what you achieved last week.  This will give you positive momentum knowing that you’re moving forward.

The thing to remember is that it’s important to take the time to reflect not only on where we are going, but also where we have been. Celebrating our wins is a great way to give us the confidence we need to continue working on our amazing goals!

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