An easy way to add excitement to your week

It’s 8 ‘o’clock on a Wednesday evening, you check  facebook for the 30th time that day and you suddenly get a sinking feeling.  You see pictures of your friends lounging on beaches or dancing the night away at a party in Miami.  Believe it or not, there’s a word for that.  It’s called “facebook envy.”  Shouldn’t we be happy for our friends?  Shouldn’t it motivate us to start planning our next adventure?  All to often it simply makes us feel a bit down.

Firstly, take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one feeling this way.  After all, they’ve named a condition after it.  It’s simply a feeling that our lives are too ordinary and there’s a lack of excitement.  We tend to live our lives in between our annual holidays.  Everything else is just noise.  So 48-50 weeks of drudgery and 2-4 weeks of living (e.g. vacation).  But that’s no way to live.

There’s one easy thing we can do to avoid these feelings.  Start planning miniadventures each week.  And no, you don’t need to plan weekly sky diving excursions.  An adventure can be something very simple such as date night with a spouse, going to a new park with your kids or trying a new restaurant with your friends.  The point is to break the monotony of your weekly routine and even to challenge yourself to do or learn something different.

There are actually several ways you receive joy from doing this.  It’s not only the actual adventure, but it’s also the planning and the anticipation of the event.  Sit down with your family or friends each weekend and brainstorm something fun to do.  Plan the next week’s adventure together in a way that engages everyone and creates an atmosphere of fun.

Pretty soon you’ll start to notice that you look forward not only to the adventure, but also the planning with your friends / family.  And instead of enjoying 2-4 weeks of your year via vacations, you may actually begin enjoying those other weeks in between.


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