Have you ever been planning an event, perhaps a child’s birthday party, and run across some amazing ideas on Pinterest and thought “why can’t I come up with anything like that?”, or “why aren’t I that creative?”

What if I told you that having ideas isn’t a gift you’re born with, but a skill you need to practice?  It typically takes 10,000 hours of intentional practice to create mastery, and mastering the skill of having ideas is no different. There’s a simple way to exercise your idea muscle and build your skills and you can get started right now.

10 Ideas….Everyday

Simply take a pen and paper and begin to write 10 ideas everyday.  That’s it!  Don’t make it any more difficult than that.

These don’t need to be business ideas.  They can be about any area of your life that you want to create change or improvement.

  • 10 ways to create abundance in my life
  • 10 ideas to keep the house more tidy
  • 10 foods I should stop eating
  • 10 ways to increase and strengthen my network

Why 10?

I know, it would be a lot easier to write less.  You can usually write 3-5 ideas in a couple of minutes without breaking a sweat.  But the point is to actually exercise your creative problem solving skills.  By 6 or 7 you start to struggle and by 10 you’ve really had to put some effort into it. Remember, this is exercise and it’s not supposed to be too easy.  You’re trying to build a skill.

Quality or Quantity?

You will not have 10 good ideas everyday on how to solve those problems.  As a matter of fact, most of my ideas are total rubbish.  But if you can get even 1 good idea, then you’ve accomplished something and taken a small step to get better that day. Many of my blog posts come from this exercise.

Remember that your brain needs exercise just as much as your body and that generating ideas is a skill that must be practiced.  Don’t forget to share your great ideas with others!


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