‘Tis the season…to stress over what to buy your kids and fight traffic at the malls. Of course, that’s one option and frankly it’s one that most of us choose. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been running around at the last minute and wishing Christmas would just be over. 

That’s not actually the purpose of Christmas. Of course retailers are happy that’s what the holiday has become and they’re also happy with another statistic.

Supersize Me

Did you know the average size of the American home has more than doubled since 1920? These Mcmansions have continued to increase their size, even though the average size of a family has been decreasing during that same period.

average size of an american home

Here’s another fun (alarming) fact: there are now 48,500 self storage facilities in the US with enough space for every man, woman and child to have 7.3sq ft of storage.

So even though the size of our families are shrinking, we’ve begun buying so much clutter that we need bigger homes and a storage space for the over spill.

Unfortunately, most holidays seem to have been hijacked for the specific reason of giving more stuff.

A Better Gift For Your Kids

Maybe this year is a good time to consider giving things that have a more lasting impact on their lives.


In an age of distraction, attention is a precious commodity and something that all kids crave. They may have asked for the newest toy, but once they get it, they’ll usually ask you to play with it with them. Hint, hint, your attention is more valuable than the toy.

Respecting them enough to give our undivided attention is one of the best gifts possible. It’s a great way to raise happy, confident young adults.

So instead of giving them a new toy, take the time to play a game, take a walk or do something that makes them laugh.

If you can give them your undivided attention, then chances are that you’ll enjoy it and appreciate the moment even more than them.


Do you ever find yourself saying “No” almost all the time? Don’t touch that, don’t do that, no you can’t help me. Take a step back and realize that kids want to grow and be challenged.

Empowering your kids to try to do things at an early age is a great way to build confidence in their skills and their ability to learn.

The next time you have an urge to say “No”, consider what you’re actually saying “No” to. If they’re wanting to try something new or help you, then use that moment as a chance for learning and growing.

Better yet, be proactive and ask them to help you with something you are doing. By asking for their help, you’re letting them know that you respect them, and trust in their ability to help you.


Along with empowering your kids to try new things, you also need to instill in them that failure is just another form of learning. Afterall, most successful people had multiple failures before they ever reached success.

Teaching them to try things without worrying about failing is a great way to set them up for success in the future.

In the words of the late great Thomas Edison “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Having the perseverance to continue trying in the face of adversity and the confidence in knowing that eventually you’ll succeed, are the building blocks of success.

So remember to give your loved ones gifts that will carry them along for many years to come. The added bonus; you won’t need to rent more storage!

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