20 minutes by car or….

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I’m lucky enough to live in a place where I have multiple transportation options when commuting to work.  But like anything in life there are trade-offs.  It takes me approximately 20 minutes by car, 30-40 minutes by bus, or 50 minutes by bike.  I know what you’re thinking; I could mark off so many things on my to-do list with an extra 30 minutes so it’s a no-brainer to take the car.  But where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I’ve chosen to bike and there are multiple benefits from that.

I get quiet time to think about anything I want and prioritize my day.  There are no interruptions from whatsapp, email, phone calls, facebook etc.  It’s time for you to focus on you.  That happens so rarely nowadays when we’re always on.  The silence can actually be scary at first.  You’re wondering who that voice is inside your head, but don’t worry, it’s just you!  There’s a reason people tend to get their best ideas in the shower.  It’s silent and there aren’t any distractions.  You’re free to think and create.

Biking removes the guilt of worrying about exercising that day.  I work all day and have 3 kids waiting for my attention when I get home.  I’m usually fairly exhausted at the end of the day, so going to a gym is the lowest thing on my list of priorities.  By biking to work, I’ve added exercise as part of my daily routine.  Whether it’s walking to the grocery store, biking to work or evening walks after dinner, making exercise part of your life ensures that it happens and best of all…no more guilt!

Lastly, if I took the car to work, I’d miss out on all the beautiful nature we have around us.  I actually have 2 options for biking to the office.  One is on a designated path next to the highway which is about 3km’s shorter.  The other path goes along the sea.  And I know that I live in Finland, but honestly, Summer or Winter it’s beautiful next to the sea!

So if  you have the choice, think of the small ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily life.  Better yet, don’t think of it as exercise (it can be a nasty word), think of it as simply going to work or going to the grocery store.  You just happen to be walking or biking.

windsurfing in Finland
A nice bridge overlooking the harbor
A much nicer path than biking next to the highway
yes, we have beaches in Finland


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